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News4 May, 2022

Energy Locals installs ground-breaking energy storage solution

Energy Locals has installed 201kW of solar panels and 24 Tesla Powerwalls at a Sydney apartment building.

Tips2 May, 2022

Understand your energy bill

There’s a lot more that goes into an energy bill than meets the eye, and it can be very confusing. Here's how to make sense of it all.

News1 March, 2022

Energy Locals rated 4.5 green energy stars

We're rated as one of the greenest energy providers in the Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide. Discover why.

Tips20 January, 2022

What’s a NMI and where do I find mine?

Can't find your NMI? Here's what it is and where you can locate that pesky little number.

Tips17 January, 2022

How to select a truly green retailer

Discover four tips from Adrian Merrick, founder of Energy Locals, on what to check to avoid being greenwashed and signing up for dirty electricity.

Tips17 January, 2022

3 summer bill saving tips

Summer is coming and, thanks to cooling devices, that usually means higher electricity costs. Here’s some tips to keep you comfortable and your energy bill from overheating this summer

News3 December, 2021

South Australia household batteries keeps lights on in Queensland after coal unit fails

The South Australian Virtual Power Plant, which has more than 900 systems installed so far, has been led by US battery and EV maker Tesla, with support from the South Australian government and energy retailer Energy Locals.

News3 December, 2021

Tesla Virtual Power Plant In Australia Outperforms Expectations

Last year, Tesla, with the cooperation of the South Australian government, installed rooftop solar systems coupled with Powerwall residential storage batteries on over 1,000 low-income homes. The Powerwalls are linked together into what is known as a virtual power plant.