Community Batteries

Store power now, use later with a Community Battery system

When solar panels generate electricity, your building needs to use it – or lose it.

But a Community Battery system gives you an alternative option: store it!

With the ability to use excess solar, you can optimise consumption to keep energy costs down and power your building with more clean electricity.

Why Energy Locals Community Batteries?

Trust a safe pair of hands. Our local team has an outstanding track record of installing over 80 industry-leading Community Energy Battery systems, including a record installation of Tesla Powerwalls for an Australian residential apartment building.

Benefits For Developers

Reduce development costs

We fund the majority of expenses, from equipment to installation, allowing you
to benefit from more clean energy without the financial burden.

Attract more buyers

Be the building that offers the latest in sustainable living and provide a premium lifestyle that people are willing to pay more for.

More solar capacity

Unlock your solar potential. With more room to store clean power, you can upsize
your solar PV system – without worrying about waste.

Benefits For Owners Corporations

Lower power bills

Reduce your common area electricity costs by optimising your solar self-consumption.


Experience stress-free energy with our full-service solution. We handle installation,
maintenance, and monitoring to ensure ongoing efficient and reliable performance.

Blackout protection

If there’s a problem with the energy supply, your stored energy can be designed to keep your building’s critical facilities running*.

Optimise solar generation and and use more renewable energy.

Community Batteries right for your building?

Download our product pack to learn more about Community Batteries and why we’re the safe pair of hands you can count on.


*How do Community Batteries protect against blackouts?

Yes. We install Community Batteries that include an outage detection feature. This allows the battery to switch the energy source from the grid to stored power in case of a power outage. Backup protection requires additional wiring and design, and offers single phase back-up to dedicated circuits.

How do Community Batteries work?

Powerwalls charge from excess solar or grid during off-peak times. Energy stored will discharge to the building during peak times or when the sun is not shining. This can reduce the energy load on your building and reduce common area power costs by using more of the power it generates.

Do Community Batteries reduce residents’ electricity bills?

No. However, as batteries store more clean energy from the sun, a key benefit is that residents use more renewable energy and less from the grid.

Where do Community Batteries go in the building?

Usually in a secure separate battery storage room that requires ventilation. The batteries require an internet connection order to communicate with our portal.

Who owns and maintains the Community Batteries?

Energy Locals own the batteries. We manage regular maintenance and in case of any alerts, we coordinate and conduct site inspections to provide a resolution as soon as possible.

What happens to the Community Batteries if we change Embedded Network Operator (ENO)?

You or your new ENO can either purchase the batteries from us or we can remove them from your site.

Want to learn more?

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