One of the most trusted Community Energy Network providers in Australia

Energy Locals (previously Energy Trade) is one of the most trusted Community Energy Network providers in Australia, with over 200 live sites nationally. We have a strong track-record of quality, on time delivery of projects, innovative sustainability solutions and a focus on customers throughout the entire process.

Our projects are cost effective, drawing from a wide range of products and services, and tailored to your needs.

Our responsibilities and commitment as a partner does not end once the project is delivered. We stand firmly behind our work and maintain the infrastructure at our expense. Residents can be assured they will continue to enjoy quality products well into the future.

But don’t just take our word for it—have a look at some of the projects we have partnered on to get an idea of our capabilities and the cost savings we have delivered to developers and read some of our developer testimonials and customer reviews.

Our products & services

Energy Locals is proudly Australian-owned and operated. Our customer service team is also 100% based in Australia, operating out of Sydney and Melbourne.

Benefits for residents

Energy Locals has access to expertise, products and services that can deliver many financial and non-financial benefits to you and your customers.

Our projects

With over 200 sites nationally and 150 in development.


Something we’re particularly proud of here at Energy Locals is our focus on working with innovative technologies. Not only does this mean we can stay away from dirty energy sources, like coal, it also ensures we are setting up customers with infrastructure that will work well as the overall energy system evolves.


We are proud of the expertise, consultation and partner technologies we leverage to help developers and industrial projects deliver environmentally friendly, technologically advanced solutions that benefit them and their customers.

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