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Our ‘Why’

Our purpose is to kill the traditional energy model, so that Australian customers can use as much carbon neutral energy as they need to live comfortable lives at a great value price they can control. That’s why we’re here, and we’ll keep working until we’ve achieved it.

We're 100% Australian owned and operated and we're here to make energy Cheaper, Cleaner and Fairer. 

Energy has become a game of extracting an increasing per-unit profit, from a service that’s already being challenged by the increasing use and availability of new technology.

Our service allows customers to get great value and fair rates for their grid energy, and see profit go towards increasing the use of clean, local power or other worthy causes they are passionate about.

By doing this, we can gradually turn the grid into a ‘top up’ service - effectively reducing our reliance on dirty sources of power like coal and giving customers greater control over the cost and source of the energy they use. 

Our first product is a normal-ish grid energy product that doesn't contain the nonsense that too often leads customers to be worse off.

We don't earn money based on the number of units of energy our customers use. We retain a small fixed service fee per month. This is not an additional fee: it's built into our unit rates, meaning you can compare our prices to other offers easily.

All this means that when the economics make it sensible for customers to go off grid or share batteries and solar in local microgrids, we have every incentive to help make that happen. 

Our next product is about to enter a pilot stage and it will directly help customers to use less traditional energy, as well as save money. For customers who are interested in a simple way to access storage, we have a real treat on the way in the next few months too. 

Contact us to find out more and to see how we can help you, your community or your organisation. 

Energy Licences

We sell clean energy without screwing customers. We hold a full retail authorisation from the Australian Energy Regulator and are fully registered with the Australian Energy Market Operator, Austraclear, the Energy & Water Ombudsman (all States we operate in) and Centrelink.

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