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Our ‘Why’

Our mission is to kill the traditional energy model, so that customers can use as much carbon neutral energy as they need to live comfortable lives at a great value price they can control.

We believe renewables can and must replace traditional coal generation. Contrary to some opinions, we also believe that energy will become cheaper, cleaner and more reliable with a transition to renewable energy.

We're proving this by delivering products ahead of their time, such as the Tesla Energy Plan. 

That’s why we’re here and we’ll keep working at it until we’ve achieved our mission.

Founded right here in Australia, we're a rapidly growing startup that's making energy Cheaper, Cleaner and Fairer. 

We sell clean energy without screwing customers which, sadly, is a point of difference in itself. 

We don't earn money based on the number of units of energy our customers use. We retain a small, fixed service fee per month. This is not an additional fee: we simply make our costs visible, meaning customers have complete transparency over what they're actually paying for. 

This approach helps us to support companies that are giving the energy market a much-needed shake. We provide our retail service to a number of community and commercial organisations who, like us, want to replace the traditional energy model with one that makes energy cheaper, cleaner and simpler through the use of technology such as batteries. 

We support the sonnenFlat product that's available to customers who buy a Sonnen home battery and we're the retail service provider to the SA Virtual Power Plant with Tesla and SA Government. We also work with Tesla to provide the Tesla Energy Plan, Australia's first and only energy offer with zero fixed daily or monthly charge (South Australia only at present). 

By working on these projects we can gradually turn the grid into a ‘top up’ service - effectively reducing our reliance on dirty sources of power like coal and giving customers greater control over the cost and source of the energy they use. 

We don't just believe in renewable power and customers being in control - we're delivering products and services that are world firsts and will achieve the transition to cleaner, cheaper power regardless of government policy. 


Energy Locals was founded in Australia by Adrian Merrick, who has lots of experience in the energy industry and a variety of other areas including eight years in the military. 

Energy is a capital-intensive industry and we welcome the support of Cape Byron Power, which operates two biomass power stations in NSW, and its parent company Quinbrook. We buy energy in NSW from Cape Bron Power. Quinbrook is a renewable energy infrastructure business based in Qld and with an office in London. Amongst other things they're developing the Gemini solar and storage project near Las Vegas, which will be one of the largest solar PV installations in the world. 

Contact us to find out more and to see how we can help you. 

Energy Licences

We hold a full retail authorisation from the Australian Energy Regulator and Essential Services Commission and are fully registered with the Australian Energy Market Operator, Austraclear, the Energy & Water Ombudsman (all States we operate in) and Centrelink. We also hold an Australian Financial Services Licence. 

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