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Your Essential Guide to Beating the Summer Heat on a Budget

With the Australian summer fast approaching, prepare to face the heat without breaking the bank. We’ve curated simple and practical tips to keep you cool and ensure your energy bill stays in check.

Harness the Power of Nature

Did you know that heating and cooling can account for a whopping 40% of your power bill? Instead of immediately resorting to the air-conditioner, embrace the natural cool breeze. Open windows and doors to invite refreshing air into your home. During the day, close blinds and curtains in unused rooms to block out the sun’s heat and maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Master the Art of Air-Conditioning

Surviving without air-conditioning can be tough, but there’s no need to turn your home into an icebox. Set your air-conditioner to a moderate 25-26 degrees and use timers to run it only when necessary. Rather than leaving it on throughout the night, program it to turn off 15 minutes after your usual bedtime. Smart adjustments equal cool savings!

Fans: Your Energy-Efficient Allies

Upright or ceiling fans are budget-friendly alternatives, consuming less than 10% of the energy required for air-conditioning. Before reaching for the air-con remote, consider using a fan. For an extra cooling effect, create homemade ice packs or keep a spray bottle filled with cool water to mist yourself during the day.

Take the Culinary Adventure Outdoors

Why heat up your kitchen when you can enjoy the summer vibes outdoors? Utilise your barbecue to cook meals, avoiding the need for the oven or stove. This not only saves energy but also enhances the overall summer experience.

Summer Boredom Equals Summer Savings

Whether it’s school holidays or more time spent at home, make energy-saving a family affair. Encourage your kids to turn off lights, take shorter showers, and ensure the TV isn’t left on standby. Small, collective efforts can lead to significant savings.

Vacation Mode: Smart Energy Practices

Planning a vacation? Ensure you’re not wasting energy in your absence. Power down appliances before you leave. If you’re leaving lights on for security reasons, invest in a timer switch to illuminate your home only at specific times each day. This not only contributes to energy savings but also enhances the security of your home.

We prioritise your savings by not profiting from your usage, and carbon offset all your energy consumption. Feel guilt-free when indulging in air conditioning—we’re committed to making energy affordable, clean, and fair.

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