Energy Locals new plan helps save on daytime energy costs

Good news for Victorians looking to reduce household costs.

Energy Locals is excited to launch its new Daytime Saver plan for Victorian households in the Citipower, Poweror, and United networks.

The plan enables users to pay just 9.5c/kWh for power between 10am-3pm every day by letting customers benefit from the times when solar energy floods the grid – making it a cleaner and cheaper time to power customers’ days.

Energy Locals founder Adrian Merrick says this is a great option for Australians that are at home during the day.

”Whether you work remotely, care for your family, or simply enjoy spending time at home, this plan allows you to use electricity for all your needs – from doing laundry, running cooling & heating/ to charging your electric vehicle – without worrying about high costs or the environmental impact.”

Depending on the network and tariff, Daytime Saver is up to 30% below the Victorian Default Offer.

Beyond the potential significant cost-savings, Merrick also adds that there are major environmental benefits of this plan.

“Solar energy is most plentiful in the grid during the middle part of the day so by encouraging usage that aligns with these periods, more renewable energy can be consumed.”

To learn more, visit: https://energylocals.com.au/vic-daytime-saver

Please note that this plan is only available to residential properties in the Citipower, Powercor, and United Energy networks, who don’t have solar PV installed on their property.