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Pay just 9c/kwh for power from 10am-3pm every day

with our Daytime Saver plan

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Please note: This plan is available to properties in the Citipower, Powercor, and United Energy networks.

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*This offer is 15% less than the Victorian Default Offer based on a residential customer who consumes 4000 kWh a year on a time of use tariff in the Powercor network. The lowest annual price is $1431. Your bill will differ based on your actual usage.

This plan is great if you:

Are at home during the day

🧺 Throw in the laundry, 🌬️ chill with your air-con, 🔋 and charge your EV – all guilt-free!

Want to use more renewable energy

Cut down your carbon footprint by choosing energy when the sun powers the grid the most.

Don’t have solar panels

You don’t need to own solar panels to enjoy lower rates when the sun is shining bright.

How it works

Enjoy all the energy you want between 10am and 3pm at a super low rate of just 9 cents per kWh.

We help people who want:

Great prices

We’re here to make life more comfortable by saving you money.

Melbourne-based support

We’re proudly Victorian-based and operated. So if you ever need help, you’ll speak with someone local.

Carbon offset power

Reduce your carbon footprint.

Fair Energy

Enjoy simple transparent rates, and an energy company that won’t screw you over.

The energy provider Aussies trust

Product Review Award Winner

We’re one of the top-rated energy companies based on customer reviews.


4.5 Green Energy Stars

We’re rated one of the greenest power providers in the 2022 Greenpeace Green Electricity guide.

Green Energy Retailer of The Year (retail)

Awarded by Finder for our sustainability leadership and what we’re doing to fight climate change.

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