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We’re building a sustainable energy future because it’s the right thing to do

How is this possible?

We provide a financing product called a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that enables us to take away the upfront capital needed by our customers who want to invest in a solar system.

What is the offering?

We calculate the perfect solar system size based on what you need. Then, we calculate how much generation it’ll pump out over your contract term. Next, we lock in a special solar electricity rate for you— that’s not only fixed (with a tiny CPI adjustment) but also usually lower than what you’re paying for grid electricity right now. And we can adjust how your battery operates as your needs change, ensuring you always get the best bang for your buck.

Our contracts are flexible too, ranging from 10 to 15 years, giving you peace of mind and plenty of value.

Why are we doing this?

We want to accelerate the move to renewables and have found that providing investment solutions supports those we partner with to progress their energy strategies. This is an opportunity we have made sure benefits everyone.

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*While we currently do not offer residential solar or battery solutions, we’re dedicated to providing other energy services tailored to your needs. To know more about our residential plans, click here.


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Product Review Award Winner

We’re one of the top-rated energy companies based on customer reviews.


4.5 Green Energy Stars

We’re rated one of the greenest power providers in the 2022 Greenpeace Green Electricity guide.

Green Excellence Award

Awarded by Canstar Blue for our ground-breaking solar and battery solution for a residential building.

Green Energy Retailer of The Year

Awarded by Finder for our sustainability leadership and what we’re doing to fight climate change.

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