SA Virtual Power Plant

We’re working with Tesla and the Government of South Australia to deliver the world’s largest virtual power plant.

How does it work?

Customers on South Australia’s Virtual Power Plant have access to:

Renewable energy to power the home

Whilst you do not own the system, a Tesla Powerwall and solar system is installed and maintained free of charge on SA VPP customer’s homes.

Power Outage protection

Solar and Tesla Powerwall home battery system power the home, even during a power outage.

Help the community

By having a solar and Tesla Powerwall home battery system installed, SA VPP customers receive cheaper bills whilst giving energy back to the grid. This improves grid stability, benefitting everybody in South Australia.

This is available to you if:

You live in South Australia

Have been shortlisted by the South Australian government, and invited by Tesla, to participate in Phase 3 of SA VPP

Please note that in joining SA VPP;

Customers pay for all electricity consumed; from solar, Tesla Powerwall home battery or the grid

Customers do not receive a solar feed-in tariff

Customers will receive energy bills monthly

Customers do not own the system and will not pay anything upfront for it to be installed

Customers will have smart meter(s) installed

Customers must have a Tesla Powerwall home battery and solar system installed at their home in order to receive the SA VPP energy offer. This system is installed and maintained free of charge

If a customer chooses to leave the program, the Tesla Powerwall home battery and solar system will remain on the property and converted to be grid-facing only (not supply the home)

Customer agrees to home internet being used for solar and Tesla Powerwall home battery system operation

The Impact

Hear from current customers who are benefiting from SA VPP:


*Energy Locals & Tesla guarantee this offer will be the cheapest generally available single rate residential offer in SA, assessed against the entire market at each annual reprice (within 60 days of each financial year), until 31 August 2023. If a tier 1 Energy Retailer releases an offer with a cheaper rate between each annual reprice, Energy Locals and Tesla will reduce the SAVPP offer to align with the cheaper competitive offer (within 60 days of becoming aware of the cheaper offer). Read our FAQs or contact us to find out more.