Saving Money on Energy Bills: 5 Tips from an Expert

Now that cooler weather is setting in, it’s time to start thinking about how you can keep your energy bills under control during the upcoming months.

Nobody likes high energy bills and we all want to do our part for the environment, so our founder Adrian Merrick went on the Today Show to help Australians save on their power costs.

In his own words “Energy efficiency is actually the really boring part, but it’s the simplest, most cost-effective starting point for most people.” Here are some of his tips:

1. Check for any sneaky gaps in your home where heat could be escaping and cover them up

Adrian suggests, “Walk around the house and just put your hand up to various parts of the house.” Yes, this sounds weird but feeling for draughts around doors, windows and even floorboards when there’s a difference between the temperature inside and outside can be a simple starting point. When you find them, consider weatherstripping, foam or caulking to seal any leaks. These materials are cheap at hardware stores and can make a huge difference in keeping your home at a comfortable temperature without increasing power usage.

2. Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances.

Sure, some appliances might seem like a steal at first, but they can end up being energy guzzlers and costing you a lot more in the long run. “Have a look at the appliances in your home that have a really low star rating and think about whether it’s worth upgrading them to a more efficient product,” suggests Adrian. This is especially relevant to frequently used appliances like your fridge, washing machine, and dryer. When writing this article we found numerous examples: on a popular appliance website here in Australia, one fridge with a 256 litre capacity had a 2 star energy rating. Another, with the same capacity, was selling for slightly less in price and would save an average of $65 per year thanks to its 4 star rating. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm, that would be even more.

3. Check if you’re eligible for a concession.

If you have a concession card, it’s worth checking if you’re receiving a concession on your bill. “If you’re receiving a concession, that’s great. But if you’re not and you have a concession card, or you believe you may be entitled, it’s worth checking if you’re missing out,” advised Adrian. To see what concessions are available and determine your eligibility, you can visit here.

4. Cook up some energy-efficient meals.

With cooler weather often comes more cooking and entertaining at home. And the good news is there are easy ways to reduce energy consumption in the kitchen. For instance, using a slow cooker or pressure cooker can be more energy-efficient than using an oven. Who knew!? Boiling water in an electric kettle is also more efficient than using a stovetop. Speaking of which, anyone with teenagers will know that putting a lid on a pan of water is a step too far for their shortcut-orientated brains. But lids on pans make a big difference. Plus, planning meals ahead of time can help reduce food waste and ensure your fridge isn’t overstocked, which can result in it having to use more power to stay cool.

5. Track your energy efficiency in real-time

With an Energy Locals account, you can easily track your usage and spend in our interactive online dashboard.
If you have a smart meter, you’ll be able to compare how much power you’re using day-to-day and discover which decisions are making a difference. Don’t yet have a smart meter? Just check out the information online and we can install one for you.

We’re not your average energy company. We’re all about making energy cheap, carbon-free, and fair. And because we don’t profit from your electricity usage, when we say we want to help you pay less we actually mean it.

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