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Energy Locals and the B Corp Climate Collective have partnered to provide residential and small enterprise customers carbon offsets for all usage and 100% Greenpower option electricity offer.


About Energy Locals
We’re an award winning, Australian energy provider that’s making energy fair and transparent. Tens of thousands of customers trust us with their energy needs.

As well as great rates, you get:

  • A low, monthly membership with usage rates passed on at wholesale costs.
  • Select 100% Green Power to reduce emissions and improve your B Impact Score
  • Carbon offsets for all your usage. We know offsets aren’t the future, but in the short-term they’ve been helpful in raising awareness about climate change.
  • 100% Australian-based customer service.


Why add 100% GreenPower?
Purchasing certified GreenPower ensures that your company is investing in certified and reviewed renewable energy in Australia.

GreenPower independently audits electricity providers to make sure the right amount of renewable energy is fed into the grid on the customers’ behalf.

This certified renewable energy is also accounted as 0 emissions under the market-based electricity accounting approach, which would reduce your company’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

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