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What’s a NMI and where do I find mine?

Have you been asked for your NMI but don’t know what the heck it is or where to locate it? Hopefully we have the answers to what you’re looking for:

What’s a NMI?

A National Meter Identifier (NMI) is a unique 10 or 11 character reference that’s associated with the electricity connection point at your home or business. For reasons we won’t bore you with, your NMI isn’t the same as your electricity meter number.

What’s it used for?

Quite simply, we use the NMI to make sure we connect the right meter data with your account, and that means an accurate bill.

Specifically, we use the NMI to:

  • identify your supply address
  • identify the meters and meter types at your supply address
  • tell your existing retailer about your transfer to Energy Locals
  • ensure we bill you for the right amount of usage at your property

I’m sold, where do I find this little NMI?

It depends on your retailer, but we find that NMIs are normally located on the second page of your bill near to the meter data section.

How will I know when I find it?

These are deep questions. In most States it’ll be an 11 digit number, such as 44012345678. In Qld, it’s often two letters followed by nine digits, such as QB044123456.

Either way, it’ll almost certainly have a label of NMI next to it, as shown on this rather lovely Energy Locals bill:

Still can’t find it? Feel free to contact us and our friendly Aussie team will do their best to help.

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