Starting in July, we'll be updating our prices to reflect the annual shifts in energy costs. We'll communicate the changes in the coming weeks.


Transfer your power

HighGround will soon cease to be an embedded network and all residents will be transferred to a retail contract.
To ensure your energy remains in safe hands, Energy Trade has worked closely with our trusted partner Energy Locals to ensure you continue to receive a fair energy deal and a seamless transition with their Local Member plan.

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We help people who want:

Great prices

We’re here to make life more comfortable by saving you money.

Aussie-based support

We’re proudly Australian based and operated. So if you ever need help, you’ll speak with someone local.

Carbon offset power

Reduce your carbon footprint.

Fair Energy

Enjoy simple transparent rates, and an energy company that won’t screw you over.

An energy company you can trust

Product Review Award Winner

We’re one of the top-rated energy companies based on customer reviews.


4.5 Green Energy Stars

We’re rated one of the greenest power providers in the 2022 Greenpeace Green Electricity guide.

Green Excellence Award

Awarded by Canstar Blue for our ground-breaking solar and battery solution for a residential building.

Any Questions?


Who are Energy Locals

Energy Locals are a 100% Australian-based electricity retailer, and trusted partner of Energy Trade, who supply residential and business power to over 50,000 Australians. We’ve won multiple awards for our value to customers, sustainability initiatives, and customer service. 

What do I need to do?

We’ve sent you an email with instructions. The energy market is a regulated industry, so even though we’re offering you a better deal than our standing offer, we need to capture your permission by 9 January 2024 to move you across and get you saving. 

Will my account details change?

Yes, you will be allocated a new National Meter Identifier (NMI) and account number. These details will be sent to you after transferring.

When do I need to provide consent?

You’ve got until 9 January 2024 to give the nod and join Energy Locals on their fantastic Local Member plan. Missed the deadline? You’ll still join Energy Locals, just under a default offer until you get in touch. 

What are the benefits of Energy Locals’ membership?

Unlike most other retailers we don’t profit from usage. Instead, the monthly membership is how we keep our lights on, which means you benefit from fixed wholesale energy rates at the price we buy them. We reckon this is the fairest way to pay for such an essential service and aligns our interests with yours.

What if I opt not to switch to Energy Locals?

If you don’t provide consent to switch to Energy Local’s Local Member plan, then you will automatically be placed on Energy Locals’ standing offer plan. This plan typically has higher rates and a lower feed-in tariff.

Once your NMI is allocated from 10 Jan 2024, you can also switch to another retailer of your choice. Other generally available offers can be compared at Government website Energy Made Easy.