Hardship and concession assistance

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Providing support for customers in hardship

We know that from time to time customers may find that they're unable to pay their energy bills. Energy Locals provides assistance to customers in line with our published Hardship Policy.

Read our Hardship Policy for customers not located in Victoria >

Read our Hardship Policy for customers located in Victoria >


Are you affected by the coronavirus in Australia? Here's advice for people who are affected - as well as a request to those who aren't.


If you hold a concession card or experience financial difficulty, you may also be eligible for a rebate. A rebate is a flat annual monetary amount that assists in making your electricity bill more affordable. Different states have different rebate plans, so make sure you are looking at your state-specific plans. After your application is approved, the amount will be automatically deducted off your electricity bill.

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Family violence

It makes us sad to note that this is even a thing, but seeing as it is, here's the support we provide for affected customers.