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Give residents EV chargers where they need them most

Join one of Australia’s largest private electric vehicle charging networks

With Electric Vehicle (EV) sales on the rise, it’s time to gear up for the future and appeal to the growing number of people who require EV charging when choosing where to work and live.

With Go Locals you can provide residents the convenience they need to keep their EVs charged and ready to hit the road, without capital outlay from you.

Trust our local team of professionals to deliver Go Locals EV Chargers in your building on time and with transparency from day 1.

Why Go Locals EV Charging Stations:

Trust our safe pair of hands. Our local team has an outstanding track record of installing Go Locals EV Chargers in over 50 buildings across the country.

Benefits For Developers

No capital outlay

We fund the majority of expenses, from equipment to installation to ongoing maintenance, allowing you
to provide extra value without the financial burden.

Attract more buyers

Be the building that offers the latest in sustainable living and provide a premium lifestyle that people are willing to pay more for.


Stay ahead of emerging regulations, building requirements, and buyer needs.

Benefits For Owners Corporations

Free upkeep

We service and maintain your Go Locals EV charging stations at zero cost.

Dedicated team

Relax knowing installation, maintenance, and upkeep (including load management) is
all looked after by our local team of professionals who know our systems inside out.

Keep residents happy

Add greater convenience and value to your building, making more residents want to stay and live there.

Benefits For Residents

Low rates

Go Locals EV chargers in the Energy Locals ecosystem help your residents top up at cheap rates.

Charge at home

Go Locals EV users won’t need to plan their day around finding and travelling to a charging station.

Fully compatible

Our systems charge all Electric Vehicles available in Australia.

Drive change, sell convenience, and future-proof your building.

Partner with us and start reaping the advantages of Go Locals EV Charging Stations.

Is Go Locals right for your building?

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How many chargers chargers do I need?

We recommend starting with 20% of residents having access to chargers. But don’t worry, our solutions come equipped with load management to keep costs down and the option to expand as EVs become more popular in Australia. Imagine having 100% of residents charged up and ready to go in the near future!

What’s the charging speed?

Hold on tight, because GoLocals chargers can charge at 7kW or 22kW which is equivalent to 40km/h or 120km/h of charge respectively.

What’s the recommended charging power?

When it comes to charging power, we recommend a 32A single phase for a full 360 km charge overnight. But if you’re looking to keep things light on the electricity supply, you can also go for a minimum 8A single phase, which will give you around 100km of range after an overnight charge. And don’t forget, our Exploren network has the most advanced load management system, so you can keep the charging flowing.

What do I need to install Go Locals EV Charging Stations?

To make sure all residents can take advantage of the Go Locals EV charging network, new developments should have the necessary infrastructure in place. This includes distribution boards on every car park level, as well as cable trays. And here’s a tip: aim for one distribution board per car park level. That way, adding new charging stations in the future will be a breeze!

How do we bill for electricity?

While installing Go Locals EV charge points, we connect chargers to smart EV management software where price is configured. When a user signs up and start a charging session, they are charged for their consumption at the end of their charge. They can then pay for it on the spot using the Exploren app.

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