Enova Energy customers, we’re here to help

Adrian Merrick, Energy Locals Founder and CEO

The broken energy market has caused a number of power retailers to close shop, but none have been more disappointing to see than Enova Energy being forced into voluntary administration. 

Losing Enova to this current mess is a real shame. They had good passion and a great green focus which we had a lot of respect for. Like us they were forging ahead in a market that prioritises traditional power generators over those that are trying to build the future. 

To have one less ethical retailer fighting this fight is a real blow to consumers and the planet. 

We’re work with some of the Enova team and their customers to continue the good work they started. 

We’re here to help 

We know a sustainable future, great customer service, and fair prices are important to you – and they’re important to us to. 

We’re rated 4.5 stars in the 2022 Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide and we were Finder’s Green Energy Retailer of the Year for two years running. Most of the power we contract to buy is from low carbon sources, and we’re striving to improve this to 100%. *

You can be assured that we’ve taken a prudent approach to pricing to make sure our members get a competitive deal and that they are safe in knowing that we’re not going anywhere. 

*Due to the pool-based nature of the market, and of course physics, we can’t guarantee that the power you receive at your property is from any particular source. 

What will happen if you don’t do anything? 

Your electricity won’t be disconnected as a result of Enova going into administration, but in situations like this, the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has the power to appoint new retailers for customers under what’s called the “Retailer of Last Resort” scheme. 

However, the new retailers will be one of the big three (Origin, AGL, Energy Australia) and they’ll put you on the default market offer. Yep, the retailers most responsible for creating this crisis are the ones set to gain.  

By switching your energy you can send a clear message and help us fix a broken system: