Enova Energy customers, we’re here to help

Adrian Merrick, Energy Locals Founder and CEO

The broken energy market has caused a number of power retailers to close shop, but none have been more disappointing to see than Enova Energy being forced into voluntary administration. 

We, at Energy Locals, are deeply saddened by this news as we’ve respected the good work Enova have done for communities and in the fight against climate change. To have one less retailer challenging the traditional energy model is a real blow to consumers and the planet.

Energy Locals were already in discussions with Enova Energy to offer our help, but unfortunately, we just missed the deadline before administrators were appointed.

Our two companies have continued to work closely together to ensure you continue to get a fair and ethical energy deal.

Transfer to Energy Locals to continue to support ethical energy

“I encourage our Enova Energy customers to transfer to Energy Locals. We have worked hard to ensure your power is in safe hands and that our legacy remains strong.”

“Energy Locals will be working over the coming months to assess the feasibility of reviving the Enova Community Energy brand.” – Felicity Stening, Enova Community Energy Managing Director.

It only takes minutes to join and we’ll arrange the transfer from your current provider.

What happens if I don’t transfer to Energy Locals?
If you haven’t already, you will be moved to a default offer from the default provider, which will be either Origin or Energy Australia. This offer could be more expensive than most available in the market, including ours.

About Energy Locals
We’re an award winning, Australian energy provider that’s making energy fair and transparent. Tens of thousands of customers trust us with their energy needs, along with great organisations that we provide a service to including Tesla, RACV and Sonnen.

As well as great rates, you get:

  • A low, monthly membership with usage rates passed on at wholesale costs.
  • Price stability: We’ll update rates only once a year based on changes in market costs.
  • The option to add GreenPower.
  • Carbon offsets for all your usage. We know offsets aren’t the future, but in the short-term they’ve been helpful in raising awareness about climate change.
  • 100% Australian-based customer service.


Because we don’t earn money when you use power, you won’t find us offering artificially low usage rates that sneak up when you’re not paying attention, as many retailers seem to do.

Join and help us build a cleaner energy future:

  • 4.5-star rating in the 2022 Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide
  • 2022 Canstar Green Excellence Award Winner
  • 2021 & 2022 Finder Green Energy Retailer of the year (retail only)


76%* of the power we contract to buy is from low carbon sources including Cape Byron Power, and we’re striving to improve this to 100%. In NSW we contract with Cape Byron Power, a sister company that operates a biomass generator in NSW*.

* Due to the pool-based nature of the market, and of course physics, we can’t guarantee that the power you receive at your property is from any particular source

I hope to welcome you to Energy Locals soon.

Yours sincerely,

Get a fair, ethical energy deal