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Energy Locals giving Aussie businesses a fair deal on power

6 July 2021

Business owners on the hunt for a better energy deal can rejoice as one provider has just dropped its electricity prices in New South Wales, south-east Queensland and the ACT.

The ‘Business Member 2022’ from Energy Locals is promising notable savings for businesses, reducing its fixed wholesale usage rates by up to five per cent, based on standard usage and tariff assumptions across each location.

Unlike traditional retailers, Energy Locals claims that it doesn’t profit off customers’ power usage, but rather by charging its ‘members’ a monthly fee that gives them access to low fixed rates at the wholesale price, at least according to its Founder and CEO, Adrian Merrick.

“Our plans are designed to help businesses save on their energy costs by giving them access to fixed wholesale rates through our unique membership approach,” he said.

“With a business plan from Energy Locals, businesses can go completely carbon neutral with their energy while enjoying some of the lowest rates in the market.”

Energy Locals markets itself as a cheaper alternative to many of the bigger companies, while also carbon offsetting 100 per cent of its customers’ electricity usage.

“It’s been a rubbish time for many businesses due to either ongoing lockdowns or the uncertainty of them happening at any time and we know many businesses are looking hard at reducing unnecessary costs, such as energy.”

The green-collar retailer stated it’s also committed to bringing fairer prices to business owners in Tasmania.

“We’re excited to bring cheaper energy prices to Tasmanian businesses. Choice is important and we want to give the locals there a fair energy deal and keep the incumbent honest,” Mr Merrick added.

What can business customers expect with Energy Locals?

Energy Locals reported a decrease to its wholesale rates in NSW on the flat SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) tariff by roughly 3.5 per cent across all three distribution zones. The provider also stated it reduced its wholesale prices by approximately three and five per cent in the ACT and QLD, respectively.

Below are the details of Energy Locals’ Business Member 2022 in NSW, QLD, SA, the ACT and Tasmania:

  • $29.99 monthly membership fee to access fixed wholesale usage rates
  • Six months of membership credited back after staying with Energy Locals for six months – equivalent to $179.94
  • 100% of electricity usage is carbon offset at no extra cost
  • Australian-based support team with online support and email communication
  • No exit fees or lock-in contracts
  • Direct debit details required for payment
  • Solar feed-in tariff: 7c/kWh in NSW, 6c/kWh in QLD, 6.5c/kWh in SA, 7c/kWh in ACT, 6.6c/kWh in TAS

In Victoria, Energy Locals is spruiking the ‘Business Member’ that has a smaller membership fee of $14.99 per month. This deal for Victorian businesses has no credit card fees or exit fees, and comes with a 7c/kWh solar feed-in tariff.

Can households sign up to Energy Locals?

Yes, residential customers can sign up to Energy Locals in New South Wales, Victoria, south-east Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT. Depending on the state or territory, bill-payers have one or two market offers to choose from, all of which include a membership fee to access fixed wholesale prices.

Is your business paying too much for power?

Energy costs are one of the biggest overheads for many Aussie businesses, so it makes sense to ensure you’re not paying through the roof to keep the lights on. Price is arguably the biggest influence when shopping around for a business energy plan, but don’t forget to compare electricity providers on other factors, like customer service, online tools and value for money.

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