We partner with developers, to provide greener Community Energy and infrastructure that is low cost and convenient for residents.

Something we’re particularly proud of here at Energy Locals is our focus on working with innovative technologies. Not only does this mean we can stay away from dirty energy sources, like coal, it also ensures we are setting up customers with infrastructure that will work well as the overall energy system evolves.

We do this by partnering with best-in-class technology companies, such as Tesla (in the case of battery storage), to offer developers innovative, commercially compelling solutions for green, low-cost energy.

Energy Locals works with some of Australia’s top property developers and builders to help create gold standard ‘green buildings’ by equipping residential, commercial and industrial developments across Australia with the most sustainable energy solutions, such as solar power, electric vehicle charging stations and battery storage.

We partner with developers from the very beginning, to thoroughly understand your needs, so we can ensure we can help you to provide greener community energy and infrastructure that is low cost and convenient for residents.

We fully support all our technologies and look after ongoing maintenance and provide 24-hour emergency support to residents. We are always on the lookout for “disruptor technologies” or just incremental improvements to existing technologies.

Some of the technologies we currently use are:

EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are a growing source of greener transport and a desirable addition to your projects since residents are increasingly eco-conscious. EVs can be recharged from the grid or by using onsite generation, such as solar. We support smart billing by providing residents with RFID cards. This is convenient for them—when they charge their vehicle, their usage is automatically added to their electricity bill.

Battery Storage

Tesla and Sonnen. Allows year round use of renewables such as solar. Saves customers money by reducing or eliminating their need to draw energy from the grid (and if residents do need to buy energy from the grid, they can do so off-peak).

Solar PV

Solar energy is plentiful in Australia. When combined with battery storage, smart meters and a Community Energy Network, we create a micro gird that is less reliant on the main grid.

Peer-to-peer power

We partner with the Aussie company Enosi to support Australia’s first widely available peer-to-peer solar.

Smart Metering

Allows residents to monitor their usage and reduce bills.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Lighting, Motors, Fan, Pumps, etc.

For existing sites, we can audit energy usage and provide recommendations. For new developments, we provide you with cost-effective, highly efficient options. The environment, body corporate and residents will thank you.


On-site Energy Generation

Solar PV, Co-Gen, Tri-Gen, etc.

Solar is the best known onsite generation technology but is by no means the only one. For some developers and sites, it makes sense to supplement solar with other technologies. We can provide advice and options dependent on your needs and goals.


Telecommunications, and Centralised Hot Water & Gas

Energy Locals doesn’t only deal with electricity. We can provide a comprehensive and holistic service for site utilities. We can equip sites with telecommunications (using leading technologies such as fibre) and centralised services like hot water and gas. These centralised services are far more efficient than alternatives and we maintain the equipment, which saves residents money.

See some of our projects using these technologies (and the $ savings for developers) in Our Projects.

See Our Products & Services for more information on the benefits of these technologies.

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