Buy out promo offer– Sale ends 31 March 2022

A great deal just got better!

There is no need to wait 5 years to save more on your power bill. We’re giving you the opportunity to make owning your solar better than ever by purchasing your system outright.

There are immediate benefits if you decide to buy your system outright:

  • 25% upfront discount on your Solar system, making the buy-out price $4,125 instead of $5,499
  • Save the maximum amount on your power bill immediately by owning the solar generation
  • Select any solar-friendly green electricity retail plan.

So why are we providing you with this great deal?

Since launching ActivPlan in 2019, the retail energy landscape has changed dramatically in favour of solar owners. We would like to help our customers capitalise on this. There is no catch, just a savings opportunity we want to pass on to you.

To take advantage of this offer, please call the Bradford team on 1800 332 332 or email support@bradfordenergy.com.au and tell us you are an ActivPlan customer who would like to buy out your system. Our team will assist with any questions or arrange the buy-out for you.

FAQ – Remind me again how this all works ?

As you are aware, the solar system you selected through your builder was attached to Bradford’s ActivPlan. This means you receive a solar system, installed on your new home at no charge. This system is paid off over 5 years through your electricity bill, supplied by retailer Energy Locals. After 5 years, you own the system and enjoy the full benefit of the energy the system produces. Then you can enjoy a further reduction in energy bills. In short, the sooner you own your solar system the more you will save.