Surprised by Powershop’s
sale to Shell?

So were we.

Powershop, a NZ spin-out of Meridian Energy that later expanded to Australia, was the poster child of the growing green movement. With friendly messaging, decent technology, a generation fleet that was purely renewable, and carbon offsets, it ticked as many green boxes as any energy retailer could.

If, like us, you were taken by surprise by the news that Powershop will soon be owned by Shell and are thinking of switching, here are a few things about how we can help:

  1. We partner with community and commercial organisations looking to do great things in the renewable energy space and provide retail services to help them achieve their goals. We support Tesla, Amber, Sonnen, Co-Operative Power, Indigo Power and others.
  2. We don’t earn money when you use power. We use a fixed membership approach so that you get energy at wholesale prices that are guaranteed to change only once per year. By not earning money from energy usage, our incentives are aligned with yours.
  3. We were awarded Green Retailer of the Year (retail only) this year and last year.
  4. We’re majority owned by Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners. Quinbrook manages super fund money and invests solely in renewables in Australia, the UK and the US.
  5. Our sister business is Cape Byron Power in northern NSW, where they generate power from sugarcane and wood waste. We buy energy from Cape Byron Power in NSW. They have never sourced native forest timber from State or private native forests.
  6. Our energy is 100% carbon offset thanks to our purchase and surrender of international carbon credits. We proudly offset all our customers usage and include it as standard in our plans. This isn’t a long-term solution but it’s a start while we get the transition to 100% renewables moving faster.
  7. We support the government-accredited GreenPower program so that customers can choose to purchase 100%, 50% or 10% GreenPower.
  8. We’ll launch gas very early in the new year. We’re just waiting for Energy Safe Vic to give the final approval.
  9. Our team is 100% based right here in Australia so you’re assured of quality, local service when you need us.
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