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6 power plays to cut energy costs and avoid bill shock

As power prices increase, every energy decision you make – big or small – will affect your monthly bill.

From easing off your thermostat by a few degrees to switching off unused appliances, you’d be surprised at how quickly smarter energy decisions add up in your favour.

Here are 6 simple steps you can action today to bring your power bill back down to earth (and help save it while you’re at it).

1. Ease off the heating and cooling

We know – heating and cooling are some of life’s great luxuries. But they can seriously bump up your energy bill. In fact, they can account for 20-50% of your household energy costs.

If you’re hanging out for some heat, set your thermostat below 22 degrees. Each degree more can blow out running costs by up to 10%.

And the same goes with cooling. What happens with each degree below 25? You guessed it – running costs climb by 10%.

So fire up your fans in summer and layer up for warmth in winter – before blasting the heating and cooling.

Bonus bill killer tip:  Save money by insulating your home with curtains, blinds, and draught blockers to lock in those comfortable temps all year long.

2. Watch your washing

Like hot air, hot water is a greedy power guzzler. And using too much will land your energy bill in, well… hot water!

So stick to cold cycles for day-to-day laundry – and use your machine’s eco setting if it has one.

Be strategic and load up your machine with the right amount of laundry. And beware of bunching up your batches. Your clothes won’t get a good wash and may need a second spin – and by that time, visiting a coin laundry would’ve been more cost-effective!

On the flip side, loads that are too light on leave space that could spare you an extra cycle. So don’t start up your machine for the sake of a few socks. (No, teenagers – that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash your socks.)

Bonus bill killer tip: Don’t you love hanging out in the sun? Well, so do your wet clothes!

Hang your freshly washed garments on the line when the sun is shining. Clothes straight from the dryer may feel toasty warm. But that heat will burn a hole in your hip pocket in no time.

3. Switch off to save

Did you know that standby appliances can suck up to $100 of wasted electricity every year?

Many devices – like televisions, microwaves, dishwashers and phone chargers – eat up electricity even when they’re not being used.

Meaning you are, quite literally, paying for nothing.

When it comes to power wastage, computers are serial offenders. (And don’t even get us started on screensavers.) So remember to shut down your computer when you clock off, and save your money – as well as your screen!

Bonus bill killer tip: Let a smart power board do the switching off for you.

4. LEDs: the lights in shining armour

A true ‘light bulb’ moment, an LED bulb is the energy efficient lighting option ready to rescue your budget.

Yes – off the shelf, they’ll set you back a touch more than incandescent bulbs. But they use 75% less electricity and last about 25 times longer. So you’ll be saving in no time.

LEDs also don’t contain any mercury (nasty stuff, which – if its vapour is released, like when a bulb breaks – you can end up breathing in).

And who’s to say power savers don’t love to party? Smart LEDs can pair with your phone – letting you change colours and brightness with the tap of a screen.

Bonus bill killer tip: LED lights also last longer than traditional bulbs. They can last anywhere from six to 12 years before you need to replace them.

5. Select energy saving settings

Does your TV really need to be blindingly bright? And must your dishes always be bone dry?

Simple steps like dimming your displays and ditching your dishwasher’s heat-dry setting won’t throw your life out of balance.

But they will bring down the balance on your electricity bill.

Now, let’s rewind to when we spoke about your washing machine’s eco setting. This feature is stock standard in most appliances – and uses around 10% less electricity. So stick to the eco setting for your dishwasher, clothes dryer and air conditioner too.

Bonus bill killer tip: Thirsty for a cuppa? Only fill your kettle with the amount of water you need. Why? Because less water means less electricity. And, your billy will boil faster.

6. Track your energy efficiency in real-time

With an Energy Locals account, you can easily track your usage and spend in our interactive online dashboard.

You’ll be able to compare how much power you’re using day-to-day to discover which decisions are moving the needle.

Bonus bill killer tip: We also don’t profit from your electricity usage. So when we say we want to help you pay less we mean it because it doesn’t impact our earnings.

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