Energy Locals Urban

Welcome to a fresh look with Energy Locals Urban

We’ve rebranded
Exciting news: We’re live with our change from Energy Trade to Energy Locals Urban. You’ll now see a sleek new logo, fresh colours, plus enjoy an enhanced website experience.

Why the change?
Energy Trade worked alongside Energy Locals for years, sharing a common obsession with delivering unmatched customer service, promoting clean energy solutions, and challenging traditional energy providers. We decided to unify under one name that embodies our shared values to help us streamline our efforts and keep your costs low.

You’ll see us as Energy Locals Urban. This is to help you identify information relevant to community energy networks and acknowledge your vital role in our community.

What this means for you
Honestly, it’s pretty much business as usual. You can just consider it a makeover.

Your rates? They’re not changing. Everything you love about our service? That’s staying put. Our amazing Aussie-based support team? They’re not going anywhere.

You’re with a 2024 & 2023 award winner 
Energy Locals and Energy Trade snagged the Product Review Award for Energy for the past two years. That’s peace of mind knowing you’re getting a best-in-class energy experience backed by 5-star support. 

About Energy Locals
You’ll be joining over 70,000 Australians who trust us with their energy needs. Why? Because we’re all about making your life more comfortable by providing affordable, hassle-free, cleaner energy. Plus, by being part of Energy Locals, you’re contributing to a bigger cause – getting more local, carbon-free energy set up in Australia.

We look forward to continuing our journey together as Energy Locals Urban.

Adrian Merrick
CEO, Energy Locals Urban

What sets us apart

Fair prices

We’re all about giving Aussies a fair go with honest energy and rates designed to help you save so you can live comfortably.

100% Aussie-based support

Rest easy knowing you’ll speak to a local if you ever need assistance.

Support a sustainable energy future

We know we can – and must – do something about climate change so we’re committed to making local, carbon-free energy accessible and affordable to more Australia.

Online account management

Take control of your energy with your online My Account. Here you can manage payments and track usage, unlocking new ways to save.

5-star customer reviews

Our members love us because we treat them like real people and don’t screw them over.

Our Awards

Product Review​ Award Winner

This award represents the best and most reliable purchasing choices available to Australian consumers based on customer ratings.

4.5 Green Energy Stars

We’re rated one of the greenest power providers in the Greenpeace Green Electricity guide.

Green Energy Retailer of The Year

Awarded by Finder in 2023, 2021 and 2020 for our leadership in sustainability for what we’re doing to fight climate change.

Green Excellence Award

Awarded by Canstar Blue for our ground-breaking solar and battery solution for a residential building.

An energy company Aussies trust

70,000+ Australians trust us with their energy needs. And they like what we’re doing.