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Why Energy Locals?

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We’re an energy company with a difference: we provide the tools for local organisations to offer their customers, supporters or community members Australia’s fairest energy plans.

As a social enterprise, we operate very differently from other retailers and this means we can put money towards things that matter to you.

Energy Locals helps local organisations with all sorts of ambitions: from small, one-off fundraising activities through to part-funding major projects like new solar farms.

We'd love to see Australia progress to a cleaner and cheaper supply of energy. We're working with our local partners to help push this as far as we can, with a growing number of community energy groups keen to use the income from running their own local energy tariff to invest in new renewable generation in their area. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide great energy rates, top Australian-based customer service and a unique approach to making Australian energy fair again. Every customer benefits from prices that are fair, great value and have no exit fees, lock in contracts or disappearing discounts. 

Our 100% Australian-based team is also proud to offer Australia’s only promise that our energy prices will never go up for profit.

So, join Energy Locals to get a great deal for your home or business - and see good things happen as a result.

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