Where Our Energy Comes From

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Our Energy

The energy that we provide, like all retailers, comes from the mix of generation sources that are fed into the grid. Regardless of where we buy power from, it's not physically possible to tell whether it's wind, solar, gas or coal that turns your lights on today.

However, we're working hard to change the mix so that the customers and communities we serve are more self-reliant on cheap, local, clean energy.


We offer huge solar feed in tariffs that help improve the return that customers can get from investing in solar.

Carbon Neutral

We also offer carbon neutral energy to all our customers - both homes and businesses - and all customers have the option of supporting the creation of new renewable power by adding GreenPower to their rate. 

100% Renew

We're proud to offer Australia's only energy plan where 100% of the profit is invested in new, local renewable energy.

100% Renew