They pay doorknockers. We pay you

Yes! If you're an Energy Locals customer then firstly, thank you 🙏🏼 and secondly, just post a review of us online and include your unique referral link and both you and *anyone* who clicks on it will be rewarded with free power ⚡️ when they join!

Be one of the first 100 people to do these things and you're in the prize draw:

  1. Join now, if you're not already a customer
  2. Post a review of us online & include your unique superpower link (eg
  3. Tell people they'll get a $50 discount if they use your link when joining
  4. Send us a screenshot of your review

Once just 3 people click on your link and join, you'll go into our first ever community prize draw for $5,000 cash!  You don't even have to know the people! 

Not yet an Energy Locals customer? You'll get your unique referral link within 24 hours of joining. Remember, we have no lock in contracts or exit fees! 

Everyone wins!

Post or privately share your unique referral link and wonderful things will happen:

  1. We'll put $50 of free power on your Energy Locals account
  2. Your friend (or stranger) will also get $50 of free power on their new Energy Locals account
  3. You'll help grow a community of customers who demand cheaper, simpler and nonsense-free power plans in Australia

Where can I post a review? 

Choose your social media poison of choice. Here are the links to the Energy Locals pages on the popular ones:

A cool Facebook review

Quick Q&A

Why are you doing this?

While others spend hundreds of millions on sales channels, we'd rather reward our customer community for reaching new customers. 

Why do you reward customers? 

As an Aussie startup that's taking on the big guys, we have a bunch of fixed costs to cover - like our billing system, office rent and so on. If we get a few more customers, we can spread out that cost which means we can continue to offer highly competitive prices.

The review site removed my link

You can include it in basic form without the http stuff. E.g. just put

Where can I find my link?

You should have it in your emails. It'll be in the format  If you can't find it, just email us and we'll help. 

How does someone clicking on my link get tracked?

If someone clicks on your link, it'll go via our measurement system which will be tagged to your referral ID. Your personal data isn't part of that process. If you want to see how your link is performing, you can do so by securely logging in.


Important stuff for transparency

  • The pool of 100 potential winners will be made up of the first 100 customers who:
  • post a review of Energy Locals online
  • include their superpower link in their review (it's in the format and you'll have received this by email) 
  • send us a screenshot of their review & link
  • have three people click on their link and sign up online, and those customers complete their transfer to our community
  • There is no end date: the pool of 100 customers will be created when the 100th customer has taken the above steps, whether it takes 3 days or 3 months. 
  • The winner will be chosen at random one week after the pool of 100 customers is created. 
  • Customer accounts must be up to date to be eligible to win. If a winner is chosen and an overdue debt exists, another random customer will be chosen. 
  • The winning customer will be notified by phone and email and they agree to have their name (and ideally photo, but that's not essential) published by Energy Locals. This helps with our aim of total transparency.
  • The winning customer may choose to donate some or all of the prize money to one of the partners that Energy Locals supports if they wish.  
  • The prize money will be transferred to the winning customer's nominated bank account within 10 business days of accepting the prize. 
  • Every customer who takes part will be awesome. Good luck! 

A cool Facebook review