What is Community Energy?

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Community Energy is the central idea behind Energy Locals, but it's still a pretty new thing in Australia. So what exactly is it? 

Fundamentally, it's the belief that the end users of power - the everyday consumer - should be empowered over how energy is produced and delivered to our homes, and stand to benefit from the process. Community energy groups use a variety of company structures for their activities and regardless of what set up is used, our job is to provide local organisations with empowerment and benefits.

There are several levels on which Energy Locals is seeking to collaborate with Australian communities to grow this part of the market:

  1. Slashing our retail margin and redistributing profits from the sale of power to the community. This money can fund important projects without having to rely on external fundraising or donations from already hard pressed consumers.
  2. Partnering with community organisations to design retail tariffs that achieve certain objectives. Whether it's creating an offer that supports new local renewable energy, the economically disadvantaged or a specific project in the local region, Energy Locals will work with communities to use energy for more than just turning the lights on.
  3. Empowering the consumer by offering fair and transparent tariffs. Energy Locals will never increase prices for profit and we don’t confuse the customer with misleading discounts.

Community Energy is the vision that drives us and we look forward to working with you to help it become a reality.

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