What's a Social Enterprise?

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Energy Locals acts as a Social Enterprise: what does that mean?

Social Enterprises balance a number of objectives: rather than driving hard for profit targets at all costs, they use their commercial power to generate improvements in society. At Energy Locals we look to make a difference in a variety of ways.

We return a portion of our profits to the community

Customers can select a charity or community to support through their energy consumption. Energy Locals makes ongoing contributions to these organisations which allows for the provision of better services - for example, a local community can raise money to fund a new, local renewable energy project or a school can raise money through the Energy Locals Fundraiser service which can be used to purchase a new solar system or even to fund new instruments for students.

We drive innovation in renewable energy

Our service allows local communities to directly support local renewable energy generators through their energy supply. This can generate greater returns for biomass, solar or wind farms, making more renewable energy projects economically viable and helping to clean up the Australian energy mix.

Carbon Neutral

Energy Locals voluntarily offsets the emissions from the energy we provide and our organisational activities. This comes at no extra cost to customers and reflects our desire for ethical power and a more sustainable future. Learn more

We are making energy fairer

Every Australian needs energy and we're committed to making this essential service easier to understand and navigate. With Energy Locals what you see is what you get. And for good measure we have thrown in a promise to never increase our prices for profit.  Learn more

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