We're bringing together two leading energy companies

Since Energy Locals was founded in 2016 by Adrian Merrick, we’ve been on a mission to shake up the energy industry. We took pricing transparency to a new level, where we pass through the usage charges to our customers without markup and have helped build the largest Virtual Power Plant of its kind in Australia.

Now we are excited to tell you about an important milestone in our evolution as we join forces with our sister company in Sydney, Energy Trade.

Who’s Energy Trade?

Energy Trade specialises in energy management for Community Energy Networks, such as apartment buildings. They add essential infrastructure to these buildings – including smart meters, centralised and highly efficient hot water systems, solar PV and battery storage – so that residents and businesses can enjoy smart, clean power without having to pay for this equipment up front.

Both Energy Trade and Energy Locals are backed by Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, a world-leading and award-winning investor in renewable energy.

By joining with Energy Trade, we can provide a great service to more Australians through Community Energy Networks and by work with building developers to put smart, clean power into new buildings.

For our existing Energy Locals customers, it’s business as usual

By merging with Energy Trade we have access to more talent to help us deliver even better solutions for our customers and partners.

Thanks for your continued support. Please drop me a note if you have any questions.