Waffle the Office Dog


Hello, I'm Waffle and I'm a four year old Groodle dog. I eat most things although ideally not fruit or vegetables. I think humans might call this a paleo diet or something like that. I call it a Dog Diet and anything that a vegetarian wouldn't eat can be put in my bowl, thank you very much. I also eat things that seem to get people upset. I love thongs and have worked my way through quite a few pairs. Once I chewed and then hid a toilet brush under the sofa when I was on my own. That really confused them for a few hours. Personally I thought it was a genius move.

I love going to the office. It's full of people with interesting smells and food. They give me lots of attention which, as a dog, I very much enjoy. I'm not allowed in every day because there have been a couple of incidents. There was an awkward moment in a meeting room once (I was busting), and then there was the issue with the pot plants. I like digging and nobody told me that pot plants aren't just tiny little gardens. 

This lot work very hard. I help them relax by showing them that I care about only them, and what's happening right now. And food of course. Anyway gotta go - I think I smell chicken coming from the kitchen so I'm off to put on my cute face and pretend I was last fed two weeks ago.