Sustainability in schools - Practicing what we preach

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Over the last decade the importance placed on sustainability education by Australian schools has vastly increased. Students around the country are learning in greater depth and detail, the intimate links shared between humanity and the planet.

What is pleasing to see is not just education but action. Schools all over Australia are taking steps to minimise their environmental impact and create a more sustainable world.

We take a look at some great stories from our local Aussie schools.


Banyule Primary - Victorian Resource Smart School of 2016

Student-led programs run by the Banyule included a video to promote efficient energy use, reusing waste water in the school vegetable garden and taking the school from a no-star resource school rating to 4 stars in just three years. The school's efforts saw it being awarded the main prize by Minister for Environment, Lily D’Ambrosia.


St Columban’s College - Waterway cleaning project

To reduce plastic finding its way into the beautiful Moreton Bay, students from the school conducted a clean-up of the local drain and presented information sessions within the school and local community exhibiting the repercussions of littering. The students also took valuable data via regular audits on the drain and implemented a school-wide waste system separating recyclables, compostables and land fill.

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Glenhuntly Primary - Green evening

The Green Evening Event invited parents and community members to the school where students and staff displayed the sustainable practices they had adopted. The evening presented a chance for students to relay their learning on energy efficiency, water conservation and biodiversity preservation, whilst also raising money for continuing the programs and other worthy causes such as wildlife conservation.

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Huonville High - Won $133,000 in a global ‘future energy’ competition

A student team designed and implemented a range of sustainable solutions, including retro-fitting a school building from a 0.5-star energy rating to a six-star energy rating. The prize money will now fund a bicycle-powered cinema, a bio-digester, more solar panels and a windmill, as well as the introduction of an energy training certificate course to Year 11 and 12 students.

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