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At Energy Locals we believe that energy can be done better. That's why we launched our social enterprise that gives half the profits to organisations that Australian's care most about or invests them into new, clean, renewable energy.

Energy Locals put people at the center of our model, we work with communities to save them money on their energy bills  and give them the choice as to where they want their energy profits to go. 

Energy is a service that your community is already paying for, so why not have them pay less, to an organisation that values fairness and transparency, and that will return half the profits back to their local school.

How it Works


Transparent bill comparisons

Energy Locals will provide free and transparent energy bill comparisons to your schools' community.


Customers can easily see if they'd save

Our rates are extremely simple, transparent and competitive. Customers can join online via a dedicated web page we'll set up for you, or call our Australia-based team.


We tally your supporters

We'll keep track of how many customers have switched to your school's offer. Your school receives $50 a year for each one, and that will continue for as long as each customer remains on the offer.


You decide how to spend the funds

Perhaps its new books, music equipment, energy efficiency measures or solar panels, it's your money and you spend it how you wish.


Your community enjoys the benefits

Your school will be able to provide a better experience for students and the community will have supported a worthy endeavour, all while benefiting from Australia’s fairest energy plans!


How we help customers

Register your school's interest

Join us in cleaning up energy in Australia

A Social Enterprise

A Social Enterprise

We support Renewable Energy

We support Renewable Energy

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral