Rates for our mates

This private offer is just for our friends – and it’s great

Included in this plan:

An exclusive offer for Friends and Family of Energy Locals

Half price membership – save 50% on our membership for the life of your plan!

Energy usage at wholesale rates

100% carbon offset energy at no extra cost

No exit fees or lock ins

We don’t profit from your energy usage

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Join and do
something great


We like you and we’d like to help you!

We’d like to invite our friends and closest supporters to experience permanently low and fair prices by accessing half-price membership, permanently.

As well as nabbing a great value product, you can feel great that you’re supporting a startup that’s genuinely doing the right thing by its customers and community partners.

All our customers benefit from our unique ‘no price gouging’ promise, simple tariffs, a whopping solar feed in tariff, no exit fees and no lock-in contracts.

Plus, because we don’t earn money from your usage, we’re truly supportive of energy technology that’s disrupting the cosy incumbents while saving both customers and a bit of the planet.

You get priority service as part of our special package and can get straight to the top of the queue at any time by emailing friends@energylocals.com.au.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community and making energy cleaner, cheaper and fairer.

Common Questions

Q. Is this the cheapest on the market?

If we said ‘yes’ to that we’d be lying as others change their rates all the time and make up some ludicrous offers to lure people in. We don’t play those games. Instead, we focus on offering permanently great prices so you never have to fear that you’re getting messed around.

Q. Why are you doing this?

Firstly, we’ve decided our next startup will be a cafe. Simple, fun, pretty much zero regulations, unlimited great coffee. We don’t know anything about running a cafe though, but we know a lot about energy. We decided to put that to good use to save customers from the current pain in the market – and to have some fun while making a positive difference.

Q. What happens when I join?

We’ll send a request to your current retailer to set you free. This is just an admin thing so your power supply isn’t affected in any way at all. Your transfer to Energy Locals will take place when your meter is next read. You also have the benefit of a 10 business day cooling off period in case you change your mind.