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Carbon offsets for all your energy use

No exit fees or lock-in contracts

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Freedom Solar & Batteries is proud to announce that we have partnered with Energy Locals.

We encourage all Freedom customers to check their rates and see whether they can save under the offer that will see customers receive a great Feed-in Tariff.

Switching is easy, it takes just a few minutes to join online or you can call the friendly, 100% Australian based Energy Locals team on 1300 MY ENERGY (1300 693 637), mentioning Freedom to ensure the best rates.

Alternatively, leave your details and Energy Locals will be in touch to discuss your energy needs.

Common Questions

Q. What happens when I join?

We’ll send a request to your current retailer to set you free. This is just an admin thing so your power supply isn’t affected in any way at all. Your transfer to Energy Locals will take place when your meter is next read. You also have the benefit of a 10 business day cooling off period in case you change your mind.

Q. Does Energy Locals have cheap rates?

We don’t play the usual game of offering short-term discounts that disappear as soon as you stop paying attention. With Energy Locals you can enjoy ongoing great prices and never fear that you’re getting messed around. See our rates >

Q. Is it hard to switch?

No, it’s really just an administrative process. You spend 5 minutes filling in our simple online form or call one of our Aussie-based team members, and then we tell your current retailer the good news. You stay with your current retailer until the transfer is complete. It doesn’t affect your power supply in any way at all. If the big retailers happened to get their way and the Energy Locals team were all jettisoned into deep space tomorrow, our customers would continue to receive exactly the same power.