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Mates rates with a unique promise

Included in this plan:

An exclusive offer for Friends and Family of ERM Power

Save 50% on our membership for the life of your plan!

Energy usage at wholesale rates

Half price membership

100% carbon offset energy at no extra cost

No exit fees or lock ins

We don’t profit from your energy usage

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Welcome to our community

We provide the very cheapest energy we can for our mates, and in this offer we cover our costs but no more – so this is as good as we can possibly make it.

We’re also proud to boast no lock in contracts, no exit fees, no confusing pay on time discounts, just straight up energy at the lowest price possible.

This isn’t the very cheapest offer on the market, but it does come with Australia’s only promise to never increase the tariff for profit. Price changes will be based on changes to external costs. When our wholesale costs drop, we’ll pass on the savings.

What’s the catch? Well there isn’t one. Our aims are cleaner, fairer and cheaper power. Simple as that.

We do ask that you pay by either Direct Debit or stored credit/debit card. When you join online, you’re also able to choose to set up a regular fixed monthly payment so that you avoid so-called ‘bill shock’, but this is optional for staff, family and friends of ERM Power.

Sign up today to this exclusive offer and enjoy the benefits.

Common Questions

Q. Is this the cheapest on the market?

If we said ‘yes’ to that we’d be lying as others change their rates all the time and make up some ludicrous offers to lure people in. We don’t play those games. Instead, we focus on offering permanently great prices so you never have to fear that you’re getting messed around.

Q. Why are you doing this?

Firstly, we’ve decided our next startup will be a cafe. Simple, fun, pretty much zero regulations, unlimited great coffee. We don’t know anything about running a cafe though, but we know a lot about energy. We decided to put that to good use to save customers from the current pain in the market – and to have some fun while making a positive difference.

Q. How often will I pay?

You can set up monthly or fortnightly fixed payments towards your account. Doing so helps avoid so-called “bill shock”, but this is optional. We send bills when we receive meter readings. This is every three months if you have a basic meter, or daily reads with monthly billing if you have a smart meter. Read more about regular payments >