Cape Byron Power Friends and Family Offer

An exclusive offer from Cape Byron Power

Included in this plan:

An exclusive offer for Friends and Family of Cape Byron Power

Save 50% on our membership for the life of your plan!

Half price membership

Energy usage at wholesale rates

Unique ‘no gouging’ promise – we don’t profit from your energy usage

Carbon offsets for all your usage

No exit fees or lock ins

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Cape Byron Power consists two biomass-fired generators in northern NSW – one 30MW and one 38MW. Together, these form one of the largest baseload clean energy generators in Australia.

Cape Byron Power’s electricity is predominantly produced from sugar cane milling waste, along with certain types of wood residue and energy crops, commonly referred to as ‘biomass’ fuel.

Cape Byron Power is a shareholder in Energy Locals – a disruptive and fully authorised energy retailer that’s taking on the big companies with better service, transparent pricing and a focus on clean energy.

Energy Locals buys its energy in NSW from Cape Byron Power. To celebrate this relationship we’ve created an exclusive Friends & Family offer in conjunction with our friends at Cape Byron Power.

By choosing this special offer you’ll get clean energy at wholesale rates for a half-price membership. And this isn’t an introductory offer that we’ll whip away when you’re not looking. This is a permanent discount.

Sign up online today and start enjoying cleaner, cheaper energy that’s part of the local community.

Offer available to friends & family of Cape Bryon Power employees, suppliers, supporters and their families & friends.

Common Questions

Q. What’s covered by the membership?
It covers the cost of running Energy Locals plus a small contribution to one of our amazing community or charity partners. By making our own cost totally transparent we can offer wholesale rates that aren’t loaded with retail profit.
Q. Does the membership need to be paid up front?
No, we add it to your normal quarterly or monthly bills. There’s nothing to pay up front and no lock-in contracts or exit fees.
Q. Any other fees or charges?
We really value our ethical ‘the price is the price’ approach. In normal circumstances, therefore, we don’t charge any other fees. To see a list of other fees that may be applicable in certain circumstances, please visit the page below.