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At Camp Quality, we believe every Australian child impacted by cancer should have every opportunity to thrive.

We do this by providing innovative programs and services which develop life skills and strengthen wellbeing in children 0-13 impacted by cancer, whether their own diagnosis, or the diagnosis of someone they love (parent, carer or sibling). We are there for them and their families from the first experience of cancer, through every stage, from treatment to remission and beyond.

In this way, we are there for kids growing up with cancer wherever they need us – be that in hospital, at home, at school, or away from it all.

Our unshakeable belief in the power of positivity forms the foundations of everything we do. Coupling this passion with the findings of world-leading research, we embrace the proven principles of positive psychology to build optimism and resilience through our programs and services. Ultimately, we know this improves our children’s lives.

We believe fun and optimism are essential. Laughter is the best medicine to help our kids and their families, not only cope, but thrive.

Find out more at www.campquality.org.au

Common Questions

Q. What happens when I join?

We’ll send a request to your current retailer to set you free. This is just an admin thing so your power supply isn’t affected in any way at all. Your transfer to Energy Locals will take place when your meter is next read. You also have the benefit of a 10 business day cooling off period in case you change your mind.

Q. DOes Energy Locals have cheap rates?

We don’t play the usual game of offering short-term discounts that disappear as soon as you stop paying attention. With Energy Locals you can enjoy ongoing great prices and never fear that you’re getting messed around. See our rates >

Q. Are the carbon offsets accredited by the Government?
We’re applying to the Department of Energy and Environment to have our efforts formally accredited. The carbon offsets we’ve purchased are certified and completely in line with the Government’s requirements to achieve this accreditation.
Q. How often will I pay?
You can set up monthly or fortnightly fixed payments towards your account. Doing so helps avoid so-called “bill shock”, but this is optional. We send bills when we receive meter readings. This is every three months if you have a basic meter, or daily reads with monthly billing if you have a smart meter. Read more about regular payments >