Support an indigenous energy project

Clean energy = more money to help indigenous youths

Included in this plan:

  • Help replace diesel with solar and batteries
  • 20 Indigenous kids a year will benefit
  • Choose from a 3c/kWh or 6c/kWh green contribution
  • Big feed in tariff: 10 cents
  • No exit fees or lock-in contracts
  • We will never increase your prices for profit



Plan Benefits

  • Help replace expensive, dirty diesel at the Balunu camp in Darwin with clean solar and batteries
  • Money saved on diesel means an extra 20 Indigenous kids a year benefit
  • Choose from a 3c/kWh or 6c/kWh green energy contribution

Our Promise

  • Get our best value energy plan, anytime
  • Big feed in tariff: 10 cents
  • No exit fees or lock-in contracts
  • Simple pricing structure gives you full transparency
  • We will never increase your prices for profit

 The Balunu Foundation is a Northern Territory-based charity that delivers cultural healing programs to at-risk youth and families. We've partnered with our friends at The People's Solar to support this great team. 

It costs Balunu more than $15,000 a year in diesel fuel and generator maintenance to supply electricity to their camps. By switching to solar power and batteries, the community can use the money saved to grow their program, helping an additional 20 kids every year re-connect with Indigenous culture and prevent youth suicide in the region.

The project needs to raise another $30,000 to complete this project and put the savings towards educating their kids. It would take only 600 customers to support this energy project by switching to Energy Locals, where most of our profit goes to projects like Balunu - not posh offices and coal power stations. 

With this plan, an optional 3 or 6 cents/kWh will be added to the price and that additional money will go straight to the project. If you'd rather not add a premium, you can just let us know. 

If we reach the fundraising goal, every 4 additional customers who support this charity will be enough to fund another young Indigenous Adult through the Balunu Foundation's program. 

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Q. What happens when I join
We'll send a request to your current retailer to set you free. This is just an admin thing so your power supply isn't affected in any way at all. Your transfer to Energy Locals will take place when your meter is next read. We won't charge you anything at all until you're on board. You also have the benefit of a 14 day cooling off period in case you change your mind.
Q. Does Energy Locals have cheap rates?
The energy market is full of tricks to increase profits from customers. Energy Locals don't play these games. We value fairness and transparency. We estimate that the majority of customers in NSW and Qld will save money immediately with Energy Locals, and over time those savings will keep growing thanks to our promise to never increase prices for profit. See our rates >

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