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  • Support the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation while receiving Australia's fairest energy
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  • Our unique promise to never increase your prices for profit
  • Carbon offsets for all your energy use


Every two minutes, somewhere in the world, a woman dies from cervical cancer. It can mostly be prevented, yet it is the second largest cause of cancer deaths for women globally.

The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF) is a young charity with a big vision: to eliminate cervical cancer.

ACCF is working hard in Australia and developing countries to achieve this by:

  • Raising awareness of cervical cancer and it’s prevention through programs such as the Cervical Cancer Awareness Program for Schools and the Cervical Health App.
  • Enabling vaccination, screening and treatment for women in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific rim.
  • Providing support to women and their families living with cervical cancer.

By signing up to Energy locals you’re ensuring a girl in a developing country can receive the HPV vaccination, reducing her risk of developing cervical cancer by 80%.

You can learn more about the ACCF and the great work they're doing at

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Common Questions

Q. What happens when I join
We'll send a request to your current retailer to set you free. This is just an admin thing so your power supply isn't affected in any way at all. Your transfer to Energy Locals will take place when your meter is next read. We won't charge you anything at all until you're on board. You also have the benefit of a 14 day cooling off period in case you change your mind.
Q. Does Energy Locals have cheap rates?
The energy market is full of tricks to increase profits from customers. Energy Locals don't play these games. We value fairness and transparency. We estimate that the majority of customers in NSW and Qld will save money immediately with Energy Locals, and over time those savings will keep growing thanks to our promise to never increase prices for profit. See our rates >
Q. Are the carbon offsets accredited by the Government?
We're applying to the Department of Energy and Environment to have our efforts formally accredited. The carbon offsets we've purchased are certified and completely in line with the Government's requirements to achieve this accreditation.
Q. How often will I pay?
When you join us, we'll set up a regular payment towards your account. This helps keep your energy spend well controlled and avoids so-called "bill shock". Read more about how this works >

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