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Energy Price Fact Sheets

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What you see is what you get

All Energy Locals customers benefit from our fair approach to pricing:

  • Locked in prices until July 2018
  • No exit fees or lock-in contracts
  • Clear and simple rates
  • No misleading or conditional discounts
  • A promise that your price will never increase for profit
  • For customers with solar, a 10 cent/kWh feed in tariff
  • To be fair and transparent, our Market and Standing offers are the same price

Our residential prices are below. Click here for business rates.

Prices for residential customers 

All customers, all regions

Solar feed in tariff

10 cents/kWh plus GST

11 cents/kWh inc GST


NSW rates

Which NSW region am I in? (Opens PDF map from NSW Department of Resource & Energy)

NSW, Ausgrid distribution area

NSW, Endeavour distribution area

NSW, Essential distribution area


Queensland, Energex distribution area

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Will I save money with Energy Locals? 

We hope so! We estimate that the majority of customers in NSW and Qld will save money by switching to Energy Locals. Over time those savings will grow thanks to our Australian-first promise of never increasing your prices for profit. 

If you want to see how you'll save, call us on 1300 MY ENERGY for a quote or send us a photo of your current bill and we'll do the sums for you. 


When will my prices change?

We would normally change prices on 1 July each year, which is when new distribution (network) charges usually come into effect, however we are now locking down prices until July 2018 for a limited number of customers.

Average spend

How is average spend calculated?

In our plan search and sign up pages, we use industry average usage data to calculate what the likely monthly cost. Bills will still be based on meter data.

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How can I give you feedback?

We've tried hard to make our prices as simple as possible. We'd also love to hear your feedback on what else we could do to simplify our pricing.

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Spend 5 minutes joining Energy Locals and we'll handle the admin - it doesn't affect your energy supply in any way at all. Plus, we don't lock you into a contract or charge exit fees! Want to see how our rates compare? Just email us your bill and we'll do the sums for you.