Transfer Your Energy

A cost and environment saving partnership

Energy Locals and Pooled Energy have partnered to give all Pooled Energy customers even greater energy savings while supporting a sustainable future.

Energy Locals are Finder’s Green Energy Retailer of the Year (retail only) for two years running and have been awarded 4.5 stars in the Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide.

With Energy Locals you get:

Low energy prices

Carbon offsets for all your usage

No exit fees or lock in contract

Transparent, simple prices

Australian customer-based service

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Why have Pooled Energy and Energy Locals partnered?

Pooled Energy are leaving the retail energy space so they can focus on making their system and app as good as possible. Energy Locals can provide a cheaper energy deal while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the Pooled Automation System, so it’s the perfect partnership.

Will I still have Pooled Energy’s pool automation services?

Yes. Nothing changes with your pool automation services. The only change will be that you will be billed monthly by Energy Locals for your electricity and Pooled Energy for your Pooled Automation system.

When will Energy Locals plan take effect?

The transfer will begin once you complete the required fields above and may take a couple of weeks to finalise. You will receive confirmation from Energy Locals once your transfer has been successful.

What are the green credentials for Energy Locals?

Energy Locals has been awarded Finder Green Energy Retailer of the Year (retail-only) for the past two years, and were rated awarded 4.5 stars in the Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide. Learn about Energy Locals green initiatives.

What is Energy Locals membership fee and how does it work?

Energy Locals don’t profit from your usage. Instead, they have a fixed monthly membership cost that covers the cost of running Energy Locals. This is something all retailers charge but they like to be transparent.

How will transferring impact me?

You will be changing energy retailers from Pooled Energy to Energy Locals who will have different terms and conditions of supply. You will also keep your pool automation services and will be billed separately by Pooled Energy for their services.

Is the billing monthly?

If you have a smart meter you’ll receive monthly bills, and if you have a basic meter it will be quarterly.

How long is the term of the contract with Energy Locals?

Energy Locals believe in the power of choice, so we don’t lock you into complicated contracts – you’re free to leave your electricity plan at any time with no exit fee.