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As an essential service, we believe that customers and communities should benefit from the energy they need to buy from someone anyway. 

Most of our profit goes to organisations like yours so you can invest in positive things, and so customers can benefit from Australia's fairest energy plans while supporting something they believe in. 

Our products range from 3 month fundraisers to an ongoing energy service, where the net profit from each customer's energy supply goes to your organisation. 

None of our products require you to do any selling at all. 

Let's do something good with energy.

Our products

$50 one off income


Invite your supporters to switch to Energy Locals and earn money towards your fundraising goals. We'll pay you $50 for every customer

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$40 per year ongoing

Charge On

Invite your supporters to switch to Energy Locals and earn ongoing money towards your fundraising goals or project. We'll pay you $40/year for every customer

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$ custom designed

Community Power

Create your own custom energy plan for your community and earn income for your organisation or projects. Plans start at an average of $50/year for every customer

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How many customers do I need?

We have no minimum requirement: we've designed our platform so that you can get started easily, even if you're a 30-strong sports club. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to raise money, check our Fundraiser product.

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How are customer prices set?

We've designed detailed tariffs for every region and we'll provide you with a recommended rate based on your objectives. Our Community Power product lets you set the target per customer profit that will go to your organisation.

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How much do you charge partners?

We don't charge partners anything. Our Fundraiser and Charge On products give you fixed income. With Community Power, we retain a small and fixed per customer service fee when customers pay their bills. The remaining profit is yours.

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