Our new tariff options

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Q. What's covered by the membership?
It covers the cost of running Energy Locals plus a small contribution to one of our amazing community or charity partners. By making our own cost totally transparent we can offer wholesale rates that aren't loaded with retail profit.
Q. Does the membership need to be paid up front?
No, we add it to your normal quarterly or monthly bills. There's nothing to pay up front and no lock-in contracts or exit fees.
Q. How is the solar feed in tariff so big?
When you export a unit of solar from your home, it saves us buying one unit of energy from the grid. Therefore, the value of that unit of exported solar is the same as the wholesale price - about 9.5c at the time of writing. Anytime you see a solar feed in tariff that's more than the cost of wholesale energy it has to be paid for elsewhere. We know that a big FiT is important to solar customers so we created a unique tariff that enables us to offer this.
Q. How do I know which plan is best?
If you're happy to manage your account online, we have a product that will pass on our internal cost savings to you. Alternatively our standard plan has full customer service. If you're not sure what plan will suit you best just contact us and we'll run the numbers. Contact Us >
Q. Any other fees or charges?
We really value our ethical 'the price is the price' approach. In normal circumstances, therefore, we don't charge any other fees. To see a list of other fees that may be applicable in certain circumstances, please visit the page below. >