Connect Your New Home Today

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Moving home?

Then you've got a lot to think about...and boxes to pack! Or, ummm, boxes to unpack if you've left it a bit late 😌

Join online or by phone and in just 5 minutes we'll have your power connection underway, so you can take care of the more important things.

***Same day connections available before 11am weekdays!***
Please call our friendly Australian team on 1300 693 637 for a same day connection

Q. Can you connect my power today?
If the day doesn't start with an 'S' then yes! On any weekday, sign up by 11am and we'll get power connected the same day. In some rare cases this isn't possible due to network company rules or access issues, but we'll keep you informed by phone throughout. If there are access issues at your new place (e.g. a locked gate), please tell us.
Q. Are there fees to connect my new property?
Not from us, but your local network company charges a fee whenever they connect or disconnect the power. At the same time, they'll also read the meter so you have an actual meter reading on your account. The fees vary by region, and you can see them all listed here. >
Q. Do I need to be home for the connection?
Only in Queensland. Everywhere else it'll happen whether you're there or not. In Queensland the network company, Energex, require a 5-hour window (yes, five!) to carry out a visual inspection of your new property prior to connecting the power. They will need to inspect all the walls and power sockets, so we recommend letting them do this before moving your furniture in. It's a bit like having your mum with you when you move.

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