Local energy

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If you rocked up in an unpopulated part of the world today, chances are you wouldn't invest in big coal power stations that ship power hundreds of kilometres to your home or business. We're not saying you should get rid of them today, but we can help do our bit to move us to a better place. As well as new renewables, we also support organisations that are doing great things for Aussie communities. 

Supporting great causes


It's a hard market for charities to fundraise in. People are time poor and often don't have spare cash to give to things they care about. Our service gives charities a way to fundraise that can save customers money at the same time.

Communities take back control


Our platform can be used by local community organisations or community entrepreneurs to set up a custom energy rate for their local area - and earn most of the profit so they can invest it in the things local people care most about.

Your energy leads to new renewables


Sign up with Energy Locals direct and you'll be supporting great causes and new, local renewable energy. We support community energy projects as well as individual homes and businesses, so you can clean up energy just by using it.

How you benefit

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Spend 5 minutes joining Energy Locals and we'll handle the admin - it doesn't affect your energy supply in any way at all. Want to compare us to your current provider? Just email us a copy of your bill and we'll send you a comparison!