Outages and Faults

Here’s what you can do if the lights aren’t turning on 👇

Check if your circuit has tripped

Typically, in your apartment, your circuit breakers (what used to be called a ‘fuse’) are located in a box or recessed box in a wall or cupboard.

All circuit breakers should be in the ‘up’ position. If not, then one or more has ‘tripped’.

First, we recommend you turn off excess power usage (in particular things like kettles, heaters, dryers) that could be causing the power to trip. Please do not touch any electricals or circuit breakers in your home without assessing first if there is any danger.

Then, manually reset your circuit breaker by flicking it up to the normal ‘up’ position.

If the circuit breaker continues to trip, and you can’t isolate an appliance that is causing it to happen, we suggest that you call your Building Manager or Strata agent.

Check for local outages

We unfortunately cannot control power outages in your area (for example, this might be caused by wires damaged by extreme weather, or even scheduled maintenance etc).

The best source of information about outages is through the energy distributor for your area. To find out who your distributor is, enter your postcode into distributors in your state below to see who you are with.

Website Call
Powercore / Citipower Click here 132 412
Austnet Services Click here 131 799
Jemena Click here 131 909
United Energy Click here 132 099

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