Team Leader – Customer Service Operations (inc Credit)

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Our purpose

We’re turning the traditional energy model on its head. For a start, we don’t earn more money when our customers use more power. We provide our customers with much-needed transparency in an industry that’s famous for dirty tricks and for trying to maintain the status quo, regardless of what that’s costing the planet. We’re on a mission to decentralise energy so that customers can use clean, cheap power at predictable and affordable prices. To do that we work with some key partners such as Tesla, Sonnen & Amber - making us a different kind of energy company, and this a different kind of operational role.

About the role

This role is responsible for:

  • The day-to-day management of the Customer Service Operations team
  • Delivering epic service for our customers, engaged employees and successful business outcomes, spanning all facets of the customers lifecycle from sale to collection
  • All of our customer contact - Sales, Customer Service & Credit & Collections - along with a number of back office support activities that keep the business moving forward and customers leaving us with 5* ratings.

This isn’t an average day job. It’s something that will challenge you beyond what you’re probably used to. We’re scaling up and working on world-first projects, so if you want a quiet life then read no further. If you want to fast-track your learning and career, read on.

Key responsibilities

  • Drive the continued development of an operational framework to effectively manage your business area
  • Leverage a structured methodology (e.g. Lean) to remove waste throughout the business and make your business area as efficient as it can be
  • Ensure Credit & Collections processes deliver required business outcomes, particularly in light of current economic conditions
  • Implement a quality framework, and provide training, coaching and development of team members
  • Provide feedback & recommendations to the wider team on opportunities to increase both sales conversion and customer service outcomes
  • Leverage data and insights to both manage the business and implement positive change
  • Develop strategies for each of the business units and manage through to implementation
  • Manage all forms of customer contact - phone, email, live chat, tickets - along with requests from Partners that require action
  • Act as an escalation point for your team and customers
  • Own and manage key relationships with regulators, ombudsman and system suppliers
  • Report on business performance - stats and actionable insights
  • Adhere to all energy rules and regulations

About you

  • Energy and Credit & Collections experience are both essential for this role
  • You’ll manage through facts and figures.
  • You’ll have a track record of improving operational areas through a structured methodology like Lean
  • You’ll understand how to get the most out of a credit and collections function
  • You’ll be a people person and enjoy working with your team to coach and develop individuals.
  • You’ll be able to describe what epic customer experience is.
  • You’re naturally analytical by nature and thrive on the challenge of getting your hands dirty pulling a process or data apart.
  • You’re persistent, and won’t give up at the first hurdle in your way.
  • You’re creative with your ideas - we’re innovating after all.
  • You love the sound of a fast-paced environment, with moving priorities.
  • You thrive under pressure, or at the very least know how to manage it without it impacting your performance.
  • You’re able to deliver in a changing environment.
  • You love process and have a natural flair for getting things right
  • Of course you are electronically savvy, and have highly developed skills in Microsoft Office and/or G Suite product offerings
  • Knowing that time is precious, you are an excellent time manager and self directed in your approach to work

Your fit with our culture

  • While you may have experienced life in a traditional corporate, you’re energised by the idea of working in a smaller, nimble and hungry company where your actions will have a positive impact across the whole company very quickly 
  • You won’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and will revel in the challenge of taking on multiple tasks and projects concurrently 
  • You’ll see the personal growth potential associated with being at the heart of a rapidly changing industry and you’re excited to be part of accelerating the transition to simple renewable energy
  • You’ll love the transparency we offer our customers and will operate in a similar way in your own style
  • You’ll find a straight-shooting work environment refreshing and love the ownership that you’ll have in your role 


Reach out with any questions that you may have. You can apply now by emailing a cover letter and resume to