Compliance Coordinator

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Our purpose

We’re turning the traditional energy model on its head. For a start, we don’t earn more money when our customers use more power. We provide our customers with much-needed transparency in an industry that’s famous for confusion. We also proudly support some world-leading companies, including Sonnen and Tesla, to give customers products that will change the way they produce, store and use power.

About the role

This is a new role, with lots of diversity and challenges in the ever changing  energy industry. The successful candidate will work on both new and innovative projects, while keeping the basic compliance and regulatory obligations under solid control. They will have a proactive approach to risk and a solution based style. This isn’t an average day job. It’s something that will challenge you beyond what you’re probably used to and in the process, you’ll receive a vast amount of learning that will fast-track your compliance career. 

Key responsibilities

  • Analyse and assess adherence to compliance and regulatory obligations
  • Deliver high quality reporting and compliance outcomes that preserve and enhance customer experience
  • Deliver  our reporting and compliance obligations through operational frameworks and processes, ensuring accuracy and lodgment ahead of the required submission dates
  • Contribute to software development needs in light of evolving  compliance requirements
  • Support the development of tools and processes to:
    • enable analysis of  compliance performance;
    • automate and systematise compliance reporting & discharge of compliance obligations
    • assist the business to undertake its functions in a manner that is compliant with our obligations;
  • Implementation of a new risk and compliance framework.
  • Maintain a programme of reporting on compliance events, obligations and activities to ensure that all obligations are captured, and to enable the business to have a high degree of awareness of compliance needs and/or activities;
  • Work closely with all teams to help facilitate the evolvement of the compliance approach of the organisation to respond to – and anticipate – shifting regulatory conditions and customer sentiment.
  • Facilitate and participate in the preparation and undertaking of regulatory/compliance audits
  • A reference point for compliance/legal/regulatory questions 

About you

  • You love compliance!  You’re a seasoned compliance/regulatory professional with at least five years experience in the retail energy industry. Proficient in compliance, risk minimisation and legal obligations. 
  • You understand the importance of compliance and regulation in the operation of a retail energy business 
  • You’re naturally analytic by nature and thrive on the challenge of getting your hands dirty pulling a process or data apart
  • You possess well developed communication skills that allow you to successfully interact with all sections of the energy market
  • Able to deliver in a changing environment. With an ability to build awareness and necessary internal training.
  • You love process and have a natural flair for getting things “right”
  • Of course you are electronically savvy, and have highly developed skills in Microsoft Office and/or G Suite product offerings
  • Knowing that time is precious, you are an excellent time manager and self directed in your approach to work.
  • You are a proactive professional who is looking to work across a broad spectrum of compliance activities. 
  • Having worked in the regulatory arena, you have developed a strong network of contacts
  • You’re hungry for a career move that will cement your skillset and accelerate your ability to gather the experience that will set you up for senior regulatory management role 

Your fit with our culture

  • While you may have experienced life in a traditional corporate, you’re energised by the idea of working in a smaller, nimble and hungry company where your actions will have a positive impact across the whole company very quickly 
  • You won’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and will revel in the challenge of taking on multiple tasks and projects concurrently 
  • You’ll see the personal growth potential associated with being at the heart of a rapidly changing industry and you’re excited to be part of accelerating the transition to simple renewable energy
  • You’ll love the transparency we offer our customers and will operate in a similar way in your own management style
  • You’ll find a straight-shooting work environment refreshing and love the ownership that you’ll have in your role 

Reach out with any questions that you may have. You can apply now by emailing a cover letter and resume to