How do you create a retailer?


Align with your goals

Tell us about your business, your customers and your goals and we'll work with you to develop a strategy and a draft operating model that are aligned to your opportunity.


Design your plan

No one knows the target audience better than you - and we know a bit about energy. We'll work with you to develop suitable prices based on your strategy, and factor in any links you want to have to your existing products or services.


Customise away

Our base operating model can be customised to fit your requirements and your own operation. There are a number of functions you can choose to run yourselves if you wish to or if you have existing teams that could be utilised.

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Go to market

You can utilise your channels and segmentation expertise to reach your base, and we'll provide insights and learnings from the energy industry to help where you need it. Your audience now has access to an energy plan from someone they trust.


Reward and invest

When a customer pays their bill we'll deduct wholesale charges and a fixed per-customer per-month service fee, plus any related bad debt. The net profit will be paid to your organisation to bank or re-invest as you wish.