Get free power just by spreading the word. No joke

How simple is it to get my free power?

When you sign up to Energy Locals, we'll provide your own unique superpower link which looks a bit like this:

Your superpower link is unique to you. Every time someone clicks your link and joins:

  • you'll¬†get $25 of free power
  • your friend will get $25 of free power

Where can I send my superpower link? 

Anywhere legal. For inspiration, you could:

  1. Post it blatantly on your Facebook timeline
  2. Add it under a comment on one of our Facebook or Instagram posts, so that new customers join via your link. 
  3. Write it at the bottom of a friend's birthday card
  4. Share it with a friend next time they rant about their energy provider
  5. Post it in an online message board, if those things even still exist
  6. Have it engraved on the top of your BBQ
  7. Text it to a mate that's struggling for cash and tell them that you've just given them $25

Can I track how my link is going?

Sure can. We use this portal to help you track your rewards. It'll even track the number of clicks on your link.

The portal will also tell you how much free power is pending (when we're waiting for your friend to finish their transfer to us) and how much is paid (added to your bill as free power).

Do I only get rewarded for spreading the word if I use my link?

Not at all! If your friend signs up over the phone they just need to mention your name and you'll still get rewarded for referring them.

Why don't you just advertise for new customers?  

This is about community power, not burning millions of dollars of our customers' money on expensive TV ads.

We don't waste your money on rip-off sales channels either, as we reckon it's better to reward our customers than a bunch of doorknockers. 

I've forgotten my unique link

You can use this portal to get hold of it.

Got more questions?

Check our Q&A